Animals in Research

Marmoset in his hammock

Location: Wisconsin, USA
Group: Primates
Species: Marmoset

This monkey is part of a family of common marmosets in the lobby of the
Wisconsin National Primate Research Center. Adult common marmosets like this
one weigh about 9 ounces. Marmosets are often referred to as "squirrel sized
monkeys." Babies are born the size of an adult human's thumb. Marmosets live
in family groups and love hanging out together. In fact, the one looking out
at the camera is likely not the only monkey in the hammock. It can be hard
to tell one monkey apart from another, so just like patients in a hospital
or doctors office, everyone has an ID number. Staff members use nicknames as
well, but ID numbers are necessary for keeping accurate health records and
making sure every monkey gets the right care.