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Animal research contributes greatly to medical progress that helps both animals and humans to live longer and healthier lives. Share our information about the important contributions research animals make to life-saving medical breakthroughs.

These animals were crucial to the development of vaccines, as well as effective treatments for cancer, AIDS, heart disease, genetic diseases and many other debilitating medical conditions.  Advances in human and animal health would not be possible without these important animals, as well as their caregivers, researchers, non-animal models, and human volunteers.  Let’s share their pictures and tell their stories!

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We want to continually grow our website’s inventory of pictures and true stories of the groundbreaking research that saves lives. We invite you to share your knowledge of the animals that are integral to medical progress and become part of CSOW by submitting your images, videos, and stories below.

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Speaking out and drawing on your own personal experiences is an essential and effective way to advocate for medical progress. Whatever your role is in the advancement of health for people and animals, everyone can speak up for research to ensure the continued quest for cures and treatments is not hindered.

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