Animals in Research

Love, Care, Progress: Inside a Nonhuman Primate Research Facility

Location: United States
Group: Primates
Species: Rhesus macaque
Research Areas: AIDS, Alzheimers, Autism, Behavioral research, Developmental biology, Ebola, HBV, Hemorrhagic Fever Viruses, HIV, Infectious disease, Neuroscience, Tuberculosis, Zika virus

Love, Care, Progress: Inside a Nonhuman Primate Research Facility highlights the critically important role of nonhuman primates in health research. This moving story is meant to serve as a conversation starter about the irreplaceable benefits of animal studies and the high standards of care these amazing creatures receive. Viewers will hear from several voices including a scientist, an IACUC director, a veterinarian and an animal care operations manager. Each of these participants share their insights and appreciation for the nonhuman primates in their facility. They explain their commitment to continually improving animal welfare, their perspectives as to why these animals are essential to the mission to improve and save lives, and their personal connections to animals. Throughout the video, monkeys can be seen in both outdoor and indoor housing environments. We witness animals living in social groups and exhibiting natural behaviors within enriched environments.