Animals in Research

Socially housed rabbits

Location: USA
Group: Other Animals

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Research Areas: Cancer, Respiratory research

These rabbits are housed in social groups (four members per run). Research facilities strive to house animals in areas which allow them to express their normal behaviors. In this case, these rabbits can jump, stand on their back feet, play with toys and interact socially. The run where they live is divided into two rooms so rabbits can move to the other room if they want some privacy. The rabbits are weighed and have their toe nails trimmed at least monthly. The runs are cleaned and litter boxes emptied daily. In doing this, the animal care technicians move the animals from one room to another. They then close the door and clean the one side. This same process is repeated to clean the other adjoining room. Rabbits eat rabbit chow and fresh water daily. They also enjoy leafy vegetables, alfalfa hay, and other treats. Their toys include hutches, balls, bells and baskets.