Animals in Research

Hydro Checking His Lixit on Verbal Command

Location: USA
Group: Primates
Species: Rhesus macaque
Research Areas: Neuroscience

The most important task for animal caregivers is making sure animals are cared for properly.  This involves providing access to water.  Water lixits, which make water readily available to animals, are quite durable.  But on occasion, they can break or get clogged so they are checked at least twice a day.  Checking the lixit can be dangerous for animal caretakers and disruptive for the monkeys they look after, so it is helpful to teach the animals to assist in this task.  Here you see Hydro, a male rhesus macaque monkey, trained to participate in the twice daily husbandry task by discharging water from the lixit line when asked.  You’ll also notice a metal post on his head. This was surgically placed and is essential to properly position Hydro’s head so measurements taken during the study are accurate. The post doesn’t inhibit any of his normal behaviors and is checked daily to make sure it isn’t causing any discomfort.