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How beagles and goldens could help researchers find the next cancer therapy for humans

November 29, 2017

Radiation oncologist Dr. Michael Kent desperately wants to beat cancer.He’s testing the latest high-tech treatments in clinical trials and using a multimillion-dollar linear accelerator so he can offer the best care to patients — whether they’re beagles, golden retrievers, or the black and white terrier mix named Moo he’s now treating for a recurrent tumor in her paw.


Dr. Michael Kent (center) positions a dog for a CT scan at the UC Davis veterinary hospital.

Kent is a veterinarian. Frustrated by the lack of treatment options for dogs with certain tumors and cancers that have metastasized, he’s searching hard for new treatments to extend the lives of his patients. But because the biology of dogs and humans is so similar, what he finds here at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine could well help treat human cancers as well. Read more.

Article written by USHA LEE MCFARLING @ushamcfarling

Published by STAT News October 4, 2017

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