Rats have long been a valuable model in research to answer many questions about physiology, immunology, pharmacology, toxicology, nutrition, behavior, and learning. They have contributed to medical advances for obesity, diabetes and cancer, as well as those for cardiovascular, neurological, inflammatory and immune mediated diseases.


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Baby Rat Health Check

All research animals, from tiny fish to curious monkeys,  receive daily health checks. Pictured here are two baby rats being evaluated by their animal caregiver. Their eyes, ears, color, condition of fur and behavior are all assessed daily to ensure good health. These interactions also help build a positive relationship…

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Twirl is a rat within a training colony at a research facility.  Her job is to help researchers become comfortable around rats and to ensure that they have the skills to humanely handle rats.  Twirl's teacher spends time with her regularly to strengthen the human-animal bond making Twirl's role in…

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