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Animals in Research

Mice in Vaccine Research

Mice are the most common species involved in vaccine research. Of course, a mouse is not a human, but researchers are very familiar with the mouse immune system, which allows them to study the strengths and weaknesses of infectious diseases in order  to develop effective immunization strategies. Thanks to mice,…

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AIDS vaccine using engineered herpes virus works in monkeys

Rhesus macaques have long been considered the prime model for AIDS vaccine research – as well as for understanding a host of other global infectious viruses such as Ebola, Zika, Dengue and malaria – because these monkeys’ immune systems are analogous to humans.

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Species Entry


Rabbits are the reason our dogs and cats can live with us in our houses.  Louis Pasteur worked with rabbits to develop the first rabies vaccine which made it safe to bring pets into our homes.  Rabbits have a similar anatomy and physiology to humans, especially their cardiovascular system, and…

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Animals in Research

Beagle Playing with Kong

Beagles have been important for many medical advancements, from understanding body systems and disease processes to the development of new medicines and treatments for both people and animals. Researchers, veterinarians and animal caregivers work together to provide for the needs of these amazing animals. Toys are provided and rotated regularly…

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