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For the Media

Come See Our World (CSOW) is a project of Americans for Medical Progress (AMP). CSOW and AMP connect reporters with information, research contacts, pictures and videos to provide a current and accurate profile of the importance of animals in biomedical research and testing. Reporters may reach us at or by calling…

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Animal studies have an important role in identifying new coronavirus treatments and developing vaccines.  Here are some videos to help explain: The Many Ways Animal Research Will Help End the COVID-19 Pandemic Released: May 8, 2020 [embed][/embed] YouTube Link Vimeo Link How Animal Studies Led to Lifesaving Vaccines Throughout History…

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Come See Our World!

Come See Our World (CSOW) is your window into the world of life changing research involving animals. We invite you to see the animals that are integral to medical progress.  Advancements in human and animal health would not be possible without these important animals, as well as their caregivers, researchers,…

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Animals in Research

Touchscreen Research Method

The Oregon National Primate Research Center is currently evaluating various forms of research methods to improve traditional cognitive testing. This Rhesus macaque is using a touchscreen to determine his cognitive ability as part of a neuroscience research project. He is being shown a video of other monkeys, in place of…

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Photo permission for California National Primate Research Center

The photos from the California National Primate Center are provided to assist you with your educational and academic needs. These photos are protected by Copyright, Kathy West/California National Primate Research Center. You are allowed to download photos from this website as long as the photos are: Properly credited (© Kathy…

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