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Hibernating ground squirrels provide clues to new stroke treatments

Multi-step screening process leads to molecule that may protect brain cells.  In the fight against brain damage caused by stroke, researchers have turned to an unlikely source of inspiration: hibernating ground squirrels. While the animals’ brains experience dramatically reduced blood flow during hibernation, just like human patients after a certain…

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Animals in Research

Baboon Playground

These baboons are needed as a model for a variety of studies, including research focused on understanding the genetics of complex diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and metabolic disorders. These two baboons are males socially housed in a baboon corral with other male baboons. They are seated on climbing structures…

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Hamsters are important in many research areas, including cancer, reproduction, virology, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. Hamsters and humans metabolize fats and sugars in similar ways, leading to susceptibility to atherosclerosis and diabetes. When fed high fat diets, hamsters’ LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) will elevate, as in humans, and lead…

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Animals in Research

Seraphina: Helping to Understand Navigation and Memory

This is Seraphina, a Rock Dove or pigeon.  She contributes to studies focused on understanding “homing” and how the brain supports navigation and memory. People who lose their orientation, as a result of diseases such as Alzheimer’s dementia or stroke, cannot find their way around familiar environments. Researchers hope that…

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Animals in Research

Baby Rat Health Check

All research animals, from tiny fish to curious monkeys,  receive daily health checks. Pictured here are two baby rats being evaluated by their animal caregiver. Their eyes, ears, color, condition of fur and behavior are all assessed daily to ensure good health. These interactions also help build a positive relationship…

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