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Baboon Playground

These baboons are needed as a model for a variety of studies, including research focused on understanding the genetics of complex diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and metabolic disorders. These two baboons are males socially housed in a baboon corral with other male baboons. They are seated on climbing structures…

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Research with horses is most often part of a One Health initiative where research for both animals and humans advance side by side.  Veterinary studies to improve horse health are often translated to improve human health. Horses get many human-like diseases such as, inflammation of the cellular layer of the…

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Come See Our World!

Come See Our World (CSOW) is your window into the world of life changing research involving animals. We invite you to see the animals that are integral to medical progress.  Advancements in human and animal health would not be possible without these important animals, as well as their caregivers, researchers,…

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